To control flourished corruption in Bhutan Royal Palace must ready for auditing by keeping it below the constitution, otherwise auditing remains only a tools of punishing different opinion as well as providing clean papers to real corrupted.



{ “Durjana” (humanity less or inhuman) is not worthy for making friends or foes . “Durjanah” is like a fire containing coal , if it is burning then the touches portion of body gets burn by it or if it is not burning then it makes black at the contacted portion of body . Similarly, Wangchuk kings of Bhutan are showing same characters with their friend by adopting the method of “Angara” (burning coal) . For example, Dorjees ( jigme singe’s maternal house ) of Bhutan were the partner of Wangchuks kingship but they get completely ruin after Paljore J Dorjee and Tobge Dorjee from governance . Not only Dorjees , friends of Wangchuk’s forth king , Jigme Y thinle , who even sacrifices his life and very emotional belonging for his king , now is no more in races of political ground } likewise , Tek Nath Rizal was proven patriotic person according to king Jigme singe , was made scapegoat in 1986 -1988 . is such another thing is repeating in Bhutan? Why So-called ante corruption commission is activated to investigate corruptions specially in Phunsoling and Paro by targeting to Tashi group and its’ connected institutions such as RiCB , ? Are some official whose loyalty is sifting somewhere after 2013 ? who is next target ? Are they business competitors of KJSW’s and company’s business empire? Are they Indian community in Bhutan? Is Oldest business house like Tashi commercial group’s air line? or any other hidden or potential political competitors to Wangchuk dynasty’s absolute throne and business feudalism ? No one knows this riddle, other than remote control and its coteries because, Bhutan is not only land lucked but is a voice lucked country and its policies are not transparent and questionable.

In above said situation, no news is possible to trickle down to publish or broadcast unless the king’s grand mechanism allowed it to disseminated. The stationed media either print or broadcasting or so-called privet and public are only for window show and tamed of throne. In their dictionaries, there is nothing work other than praying, praising and sychofansing the Wangchuks specially started from the reign of forth King Jigme Singe Wangchuk . This media’s work is only to print photos of king Jingme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk and his wife young jestum ( queen ) Pema with rural village folk of Meera Saskten to grow popularity . Also it feels rejoice when it gets to print the picture of queen’s pregnancy or baby birth during the course of giving birth of future 6th absolute king of Bhutan in 20016. In the same fashion, this pets media eagerly wake up when king visits India by exhibiting his loyalties to Delhi Darbar by begging eternal blessing for subduing Bhutan and Bhutanese under so called unique friendship and guided democracy of Bhutan .

In the other hand, role of Indian media toward Bhutan have been ridiculous . First and for most, media in India never see killing-less ethnic cleansing in Bhutan which residues are still on way to clean Nepali ethnic from Bhutan even after evicting 19% of total population. in relation to publishing Bhutan news, Indian media observed the gesture of foreign ministry and it’s Bhutan policies. When they act they follow the line of Indian external ministry, PMO office and defense headquarter Delhi, Kolkotta , Thimpu and Haa . Sometime, all India radio and Door Darshan reiterate the versions similar to external ministry and its broadcasted item in which many internal disturbances of Bhutan are not covered by following the norms of treaties . Likewise, big printing houses like, times of India, Indian express and Hindustan time which have their approaches in every corner of Bhutan, but applaud both the government only. They do not show their disloyalties to establishment in Delhi and Wangchuks fiefdom. The regional media like Centennial in Gauhati and telegraph in Calicutta satisfy them by publishing the news followed by Bhutan government when they get welcome on red-carpet from kingdom’s establishment . Dancing in chances local media like Bharat Darpan , Himan Chuli in Siliguri and Uttarbanga Sambad make Bhutan related news as THEIR avenue of contacting either side ( Bhutan , india and concerning party ) of government according to their periodic and priorities of interests . In such frustrating situation suffering people in Bhutan tried to contact the media like British broad casting service which is very hard to available in time and occasionally airs Bhutan’s news during great crises but it also failed to reach at the root causes because the source of information for relating news mostly be based in government agents which gets verified the news on call from London and its regional office at Delhi or Calcutta in absence of BBC’s resident representative in Bhutan like in other countries . In case, BBC’s reporters contacted to real victim in Bhutan, the victims feels not safe to expose truth, as Michal hut, the author of unbecoming citizen, had experienced in Damphu guest house when he met some person to verify truth of forced full eviction from which of 19 percent population was kicked out . Mr hutt ( an English man from London who is expert in Nepali costume , geography and language ) was in Chirang (southern , hinterland , of Nepali origin in the country) and got the chance of interviewing some insider who were deputed by local government head , Dzongda for meeting to him . Ridiculously, the deputed person with Mr Hutt was saying (as he wrote in his book on becoming citizen) “MA LATO) ( I am dome) indeed he was not dome . This was the great testimony to understand the situation of Bhutan who, despite of being able to narrate all atrocity, could not speak against Government’s monopoly. Reason for such inability was that after the departure of reporter or the matter gets published in media, related person would face the charges from simple crime to treason against sta wa sum if the subject is the discloser of government atrocity.

In same fashion, under unique democracy, so called independent judiciary led by new supreme court of Bhutan is nothing different than a loyal parrot who could speak the words taught to them by their master (High command) through various mechanism and representation. Not only judiciary, Bhutan’s housed of parliaments are mostly pressure breaking instruments and beautifully decorated eye washing centers to thrive hundred and eight years old absolute king ship of Wangchuk ( K 4 & K 5-6 ) dynasty in the name of Buddhist monarchical democracy in Himalaya . This new name became good back up to draw various funds from European union, UNO System and democracy supporting countries. They (newly created institutions) consumed aids, grants in the name of judiciary reform, modern court houses construction and scholarship for modern laws studding students along with the fund for general data keeping of cases needed to various program from center to village. More to this, voter list keeping schemes for election became good sources of dispersing the funds to recruited king ’s stooges from central level to small village units, but lack the names of 80 thousand genuine voting aged Bhutanese in 2008-2013 election of Bhutan . On top of this , the grands relating to building up democratic infrastructure from international countries only could change the numbers of parliamentarians and the place of buildings of assembly houses by keeping rest almost same characteristic of sitting representatives either in Sange Nidup and Jigme Y Thinle’s presidency in 2008 and in the presidency of Stiring Tobge and Dr Pema of 20013 . For the name shake of bi party (opposition and ruling benches) they wear orange scarves ( by ministers ) “kabne” and green scarves “ kabney” ( assembly members ) and stand in front line during king’s welcome and do “ Kabne fafse “ (bow downing ceremony ) to the king by bending their heads up to his/her ( king’s quen’s ) feet toes .

Capturing existing favorable situation; palace plays every role according to its need to becoming more absolute whether it be in a political or commercial field since 1974. Consequently, palace covertly controlled entire things utilizing institutions under Kingdome. For example, in 2008, first general election was conducted and made defeat to the gang of Sange Nidup and Stiring Tobge’s people democratic party (PDP) by giving them only 3 seats out of 47 seats. in the other hand, JYT’s party “Bhutan peace prosperity party” (BPPP) won 44 seat. But in 2013 the party of Sange Nidup got surprisingly “U terned and got majority in the lower house and becoming able to seating in the lucrative ruling bench “and Jigme Y Thiele’s (GYT’s) party got mere 15-17 seats despite of land slid victory in first round election in 2013 , as a result , he ( GYT ) dis appeared from the political scenario by leaving behind his entire sacrifices on the feet toes of king Jigme Singe Wangchuk . During his service days, JYT was like a permanent armor or ironclad for fourth king. He served around 36 years and worked as a chamberlain. He would visited several place like Royal secretariat, king’s romantic places and playing ground. He represented highly important meeting through manpower department for jigme Singe’s policy formulation, attended all gathering as a director of education during amalgamation of Drukpa racism in education system, -- after 1968 Ad. He became the wall of defense always and controlled entire eastern zone as a zonal chief during turmoil in east from 1982-2008 which was plunged due to 9th Sabdung and Rongthong kinle led democratic movement . Equally, he controlled the disgruntlement of Sangla who were observing centuries old discrimination between Ngalung and Sarchop or Kayukpa and Nigmapa .

His area of working was not limited only in east and south but was spread in global field with a responsibly of getting appointed as an ambassador in Geneva. As envoi in European capitals, he tried his best to divert the international opinion in favor of Bhutanese king in spite of his ethnic cleansing in south against Nepali community. For this, he used as much as possible talent (by using even foul and lying method) to get the favor of European union, American, Canadian, Australian against Lhostam (Southern Bhutan) to thwart the demand of real democracy and got success somehow . As a reward, he got the post of secretary in home ministry followed by home minister and foreign minister to dealt multiple task for achieving goal of ethnic cleansing and depopulation of Nepali ethnic from Bhutan forever. As a home minister his team legalized the illegally captured houses and land of Nepali and make ready to distribute to the supporters to king from beyond southern Bhutan ------------- recruited during eviction in 1988-2009. . More to this , he concretized and strengthen northerner’s settlement in the land of evicted southern Bhutanese. In this whole period, he became HARDWARE AND SOFTWERE of king in all fronts.

After home ministry, with a post of prime minister he got the charge the foreign ministry for plying deceitful game with Nepal by making never ending bilateral process for refugee repatriation------------- as a result------------ now Bhutanese refugees are scattered across the world by accepting the fate of never reuniting opportunity with their own kith and kin . Thus, he got reward in working in multiple responsibilities openly and clandestinely and was the reference person for writing eye washing constitution in which eternal despotism have been invigorated by making king and royal family supreme in “unique democracy” . During his entire prime minister ship, he always defended his king’s absolute system and blocked the speedy pressure came from Refugee camps through UNO, European union, America, Canada and Australia for establishing real democracy and human right in Bhutan. For getting support in his king’s favor , he attempted to create some Yes men in different capitals of world for welcoming his deceiving speeches in favor of so called “gross national happiness” which core base is carved dingily to reinforce the racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing . more to this , he got success to implement UNO’s environment protection program , wildlife century and greenery landscaping in the land of southern Bhutanese despite of legally own by them since centuries prior to evict lhostampa .

Unfortunately, despite of helping king in all such nasty works, the king maker now became political handicap made by his own king in his energetic age of early 60s . At present, he is living like a tired lion and even not attending his party meeting too . After Jigme Y Thinle , his Dzongdah ( chief district officer) Mr Rinjin Dorjee in line of being thrown (He was a Dzongdah of Haa during Jigme Thinle’s cabinet although he was made foreign minister in new cabinet of Stiring Tobge , formed in 2013 ) Despite of clearly screened by election commission and not finding any guilty . Now, office of the attorney general charged him in a case of using government vehicle to carry his privet timbers from Lhagang Carpo , Haa to Thimpu while he was Dzongdah . After filing the case in Haa District court, Stiring Tobge’s cabinet issued an order of vacating post of foreign minister looks motivated because in the government no one is crystal clear till to day for using such pool vehicle then why only Rinjin Dorjee is being charged?

Actually, in Bhutan, former foreign minister is not only a user of pool vehicle, indeed, if we made a graph of such corruption act, then the chart of using pool vehicle will be skyrocketed where Royal palace comes to occupy the summit spot of such graph. Inspired by it, branches of central government scatter across the nation could find using more pool vehicles: transporting commodities from market to resident, residence to home town and pick the children from school to residence and cinema halls. Also, different department of government in districts, sub districts followed by village headquarters prototyped this practice of using pool vehicle when they get chance in dance. In such back ground, the case of erstwhile Haa Dzongda and cabinet minister can be categorized as the case of calculated action to make him handicap by politically or socially for forever in his whole age for not to attempt any public post again.

In Bhutan, Rinjin Dorjee was not only a victim of being handicap politically and socially, indeed, this list goes long and long which I am depicting some vivid example of elimination of helping personalities who ultimately either killed or made systematically handicap or sidelined by the king as Jigme Palden Dorjee was murdered by the bullet of third King’s gift. In fact, Prime minister Palden Dorjee was a real architecture of Modern Bhutan and was a hereditary second person ----- after king . He was carrying his responsibilities by establishing multiple support base in Bhutan and was giving priority in field of education by creating educated Bhutanese mass from all ethnicity to represent in the smooth run of Bhutanese administration and carry out developmental works by involving all sects in gret task . For example, he picked Lam Dorjee (army chief of Bhutan) from Gnalung community, Sonam Tobge ( Chief justice Of Bhutan ) from Sarchop , RB Basnet ,lok bahadur Gurung and Achut Bhandari from south and sent them abroad for study with strong beginning of primary education in side Bhutan . He accelerated his mission and appointed Tashi Dorjee to induct agencies from overseas to developing Bhutan by attending the conferences under Colombo plan. She made Bhutan member of universal post within first quarter of fist five-year plan. Unfortunately, after a while, this charming lady also made compel to flee from country otherwise she would have face the charges against Sa-Wa- Sum or treason for Paro gun firing episode. During her office period, she established credibility in various fields as she was the first leader of Bhutanese delegation in Australia during sixties. After Tashi , deputy minister lam Penjor’s (was very popular in administrative circle such as in planning commission and development ministry) death of car accident also buried without conducting impartial investigation.

Not only this , Asi sonam Choden, King’s eldest sister (who constitutionally was heir of the throne if crown prince is under age, gently did not claim any right and help to establish her brother’s kingship ) was very strict lady in ministry of finance been not in political scenario after her father in-law’s un usual car accident on the way to Tatopani ( hot spring ) from Bumthang . He was locally very influence person in central Bhutan due to his hereditary linage and had hold several higher posts (deputy minister, ambassador in UNO and India and full minister) during Wangchuk kingship building. His unusual death did not felt to be investigated by the regime while the demise indicates many questions . More to them , second sister of fourth king , Asi Dechen Wangmo Wangchuk’s political journey seems ended leaving behind three official marriage with three different ethnic men { ( first, Dasho Thinle from Sarchop ( second , Sange Nidup , from Gnalung ) ( and , third Chhiring Wangda from ………… kheng ) } during different ups and down in Bhutan .However, real intention of periodic marriages by one princess with three different boys from three different ethnic groups which dominates each major population in each region, is not known but during those days , when Royal lady married first time with Thinle of Sarchope , the region was running under internal political crises due to 9th Sabdung’s visit at bordering Mela Bazar in 1980s from his exile place new Delhi and DharmaShala india . That time, visiting monk met with thousands of eastern Bhutanese and talked with several high ranking government officers about social and political situation in Bhutan.

Alike to first marriage, her second marriage with, Sange Nidup from Ngalung community keeps equal significant because Ngalung region was searching political legitimacy of fifth crown prince who was about 8-year-old during his father’s marriage with bridegroom’s three sisters at a time , because the birth of crown prince was contrary to tradition indeed this must have born from legal parents and need to be bring immediate public notice of nation , which was kept hiding for decades and there were four male prince on the day of marriage declared of King jigme Singe’s Wangchuk .

Whether these uses of marriage with royal lady with different ethnicity has given any desirable fruits or not but use of marring for political purposes by her was not stop, she again rush to marring with Chhiring Wangda, a boy from third largest group, Kheng, in Bhuan . This time too, Bhutan was under terrible presser for establishment of human right and real democracy for which two major largest ethnic groups, (Lhostampa and sarchop ,) were on field against despotism and movement was led by Rongthong Kuenle Dorjee and Dasho Tek Nath Rizal comprises by several political parties umbrella organization United front for Democracy in Bhutan ( UFD ) . To quell the agitation, Mr Wanda got responsibility of briefing concocted political allegation against freedom fighter’s ( Rizal and Dorjee ) in the royal kangaroo high court where both of them declared as Gnolope ( traitor ) and kept in jail for 10 year, one in Chemgang and another in Tihar in New Delhi but neither Chhiring Wangda nor Asi Dechhen Wangmo Wangchuk is now in political limelight who were used by royal regime in during different chaos and ups and down .

After sidelining above said persons, now king’s government seems busy in sidelining commercial institutions which are/ were headed by the leader of competitive force in the market. These force were, Royal insurance corporation of Bhutan and Bhutan national bank limited RICB AND BNB. These, two major institutions, which were founded by Dasho Rim are in the action list of anti-corruption commission and are facing charges of corruption according to kuensel’s caption bellow; :“Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Ltd. (RICBL) case, initial findings indicate a strong collusion between the insurance company and Bhutan National Bank Ltd. (BNBL) ” .

To understand this quote of kuensel about RICB and BNL, it need to illustrate Bhutan’s history of money transaction and currency flowing in the country which was almost none- in the past until the road construction started by “DANTAK” (border road construction company of Indian defense ministry) in 1962. Prior to these, there was no money flowing excepts the cash collected from southern Bhutanese levying on animal tax, land, house, Radio tax, orchard trees and fruits tax and the money comes from Indian government against the ceased strip of Bhutan under Sintula treaty ------ including treaty of 2007-8 . Next to palace, DANTAK, (border road construction company) and “Imtrat” ( Indian military training ) , stationed in Haa came in line for money flowing un till five year plan began . These two Indian agencies need to pay salary for 10s of thousand employees spread all over Bhutan from south to north and east to west including frontiers.

To manage this huge money disbursement, Government of Bhutan establishes Bank of Bhutan (BOB) during third king’s time in 1968 with the partnership of state bank of India by executing a charter of governance under which managing Director of bank of Bhutan came from India in deputation and its head quarter located at Phunsoling . This was chaired by Bhutan’s finance minister ( Chhogyal ) with the help of board of directors .

BOB’s first work was to make available the cash either in Indian or Bhutanese currencies to both government services and facilitate to arising traders in territory elsewhere for transacting money. Immediately after opening of bank of Bhutan , other trading enterprises and real estate and housing also grew in major cities like Thimpu , Phunsoling, Gaylegphung and Samdrop Dzonkher . These towns proliferated with expanding other scope in businesses. Consequently, Bhutan’s emperor of comers and trade, Ugen Dorjee ( Dasho RIM ) came forward to set Royal insurance corporation ( RICB) . He became fonder chairman and was helped by GS Bhura jee a renounce business member from Marwadi Family. Under the leadership of these experience persons, they began to earn huge money compare to government’s bank and royal palace but the insurance company was compelled to keep its ‘cash in the bank of Bhutan (BOB) because it had no secure locker.

To avoid this problem, they open UNIT TRUST of BHUTAN which got reincarnated as Bhutan Natonal Bank limited (BNLB). Coinciding with these commercial institution, agency of UNO, World bank and ADP also started to flow money demanding free market system based on competition and opened their accounts where they get more facility. Side by side ADP and world bank entry in Bhutan was welcome by all side because it advocated open market system, therefore opening of banks in Bhutan got multiple by providing overdrafts according to capacities of applicants. As a result, “Yap Ugen group” (queens’ father) and Tashi group (Business emperor of Bhutan) started capturing several areas. Following them, different interested personalities also started searching their place and find different power blocks who could construct bridge to transit opportunities abundantly in their favor . This, gave birth several Pharmaceutical enterprises, supply agencies with different name and super markets owned by same or several men. They invented greedy ways of harvesting ripen fields and started even malpractices.

In this environment, the Indian old business house in Phunsoling belonging to lalchanda jatan Prasad , extended his general store in department store or supper market and seems copying of getting favor of different power blocks . He catches the market skillfully because he belongs from traditional business family and might have provided influencing deal by leaving behind the parties’ in the market in exploring benefits as other business houses .Obviously , these successes of LPJP was not please to regime connected power blocks among whom who could manipulate the constitutional bodies like anti-corruption commission and office of attorney general to clean the evolving obstacle from harvesting ripen field unilaterally as Bhutan power blocks often do and lal Chanda jatan Prasad has got arrested in allegation of not paying required taxes and put on interrogation for months .

After getting arrest, Mr Prasad did not agree to request for bail indeed he intended to hire a capable attorney from India to prove his lawful acts in operating trading or running the business in Bhutan without any mal practices. For this, several months he remains in the government custody and approached to Indian councilor stationed in Phunsoling and its senior offices channeled starting from Bhutan to New Delhi soliciting arbitration from Indian government. Side by side, his supporters arranged to draw the attention of business community in border towns, especially in Jai Goun ‘s trade unions (different sister organizations of Indian political parties) . They came to demonstrate against Royal government of Bhutan’s unilateral action of arrest of Indian business community in Bhutan by saying that the act is violations of traditional treaty resolved between two nations. in other hand, Mr Prasad’s adamant posture for not asking even court bail instead, hiring a capable attorney from India shacked the foundation of Bhutan- India relation under treaties from 1864 - 1949, 1949, 2007-8 which awaked the following quotes of treaties , “Any difference and disputes arising in the application or interpretation of this treaty shall in the first instance be settle by negotiations. If within three months of the start of the negotiations no settlement is arrived at , then the matter shall be referred to the arbitration of three arbitrators who shall be national of either India or Bhutan , chosen in following manner : (1) One person nominated by government of India ; ( 2) one person nominated by Government of Bhutan ( 3) A judge from the federal court , or high court in India , to be chosen by government of Bhutan , who shall be chairman , the judgement of this tribunal shall be final and executed without delay” . In such background of aiming attorney from India by one party and implementing Bhutan’s penal code by other widened the gap of negotiation and paved the ways of establishing settlement tribunal by indicating quotes of recent treaty: “Any differences and disputes arising in the interpretation and an application of this treaty shall be settled bi - laterally by negotiation in the spirits of trust and understanding in consonance with the historically close ties and friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation that from the bed rock of Bhutan India relation” .

Thus, chief of eastern command stationed in KOLKOTTA and Mamata Benerrjee present chief minister of west Bengal met with authorities in Bhutan. They disguisedly carried mission of narrowing down the gap between government of Bhutan and Indian community both side at border. Accordingly, they used their direct access not only with window show King, Jigme Kheshar Namglal Wangchuk but with all mighty King jigme Jigme Singe Wangchuk in Bhutan and made Stiring Tobgay ( King”s Prime Minister ) as Driver of Mamata Banerjee despite of boasting Bhutan’s status at par of India .

As per aspect , above visit changed the environment of battlefield between government and lal Chanda , Jatan Prasad , but the war between rising business house of Yap Ugen group ( close to almighty ) and Tashi commercial group ( old business empire ) entangled with more cold war because style of earning money through Indian recruitments of both business house was same , therefore they continue frowning each other by awaiting right moment to attack by one to other . As a result, Stiring Tobge’s ( yap’s son’s deputy ) government began to drill the corpse of Royal Insurance corporation and Bhutan National Bank Limited in collusion charges to Paro branch of RICB and BNBL branch as said under : (1) “Here in this collusion, as the embezzlement occurred over three years since 2013, preliminary estimates showed that about Nu 47M were siphoned off in 2013, about Nu 37M in 2014 and about Nu 8M as of April this year”. ( 2) “The embezzlement case came to light only after a special audit team was deputed to the Paro branch office on June 10 this year following observations on the supervisor’s luxurious lifestyle. The special audit team was asked to verify the transactions sent to the head office against the bank details during which the discrepancies were found. ( 3) “Kuensel learnt that, the RICBL’s internal auditors were asked to verify the bank details from officials beyond the cash counter”. (4) “ RICBL had also carried out an internal audit in 2013 and 2014 after receiving frequent complaints but the discrepancies could not be traced. The same happened with BNBL.) ’’ ( 5) ( BNLB had also carried out an internal audit in 2013 and 2014 after receiving frequent complaints but the discrepancies could not be traced. The same happened with BNBL”.

In reality, corruption in Bhutan is not confined in above said cases only. indeed, it is spread all over in the nation where government is involving. Officers in the field indulge mal practice through monopoly in the name of solving people problem, regulating law and order or providing welfare, giving security to the public, making infrastructure, providing aids and assistance to the victims of disastrous. They always take the advantages of miss using power while providing facilities to the homeless and landless or administering diplomatic offices in foreign nation everywhere. As a result, one can finds corruption and corruption one after corruption everywhere corruption as a gift and guidance from palace to its subordinates (New styled vassals). in such situation, Is there any possibility to even reduce perennial corruption in Bhutan until king remain supper and royal families privileges remain constitutionally ---------------------- above to all? . NO! never! then what?

“Yatha Raja Tatha Praja ” ( as the king so is his subjects ) which had been in Bhutan , ongoing in Bhutan and will be going in Bhutan until the people in the country’s consciousness get not arise or trend of sycophancy continue to takes place . To understand this deep rooted disease, one need to look the “soira” or “BUKSIS” (gift from king) system from the palace in which king can give anything containing pin to plain and rivers to Bhutanese sky . In addition to this, he has privileges of capturing anything (in old time even a beautiful woman of any one ) any one . Using such massive power, he promoted corruption by snatching legally purchased private properties from different opinion’s person when he gets annoyed. In this regard anyone can find prove from unwritten fact of 1974 in which jigme Singe Wangchuk gave “Kasho” ( Gift ) to his yes-men or sycophants that the properties Belongs to “Gup khila” . Pointing on that event of 1974, many scholars and elderly people in Bhutan whispered that the deed was similar to old time corruption as written in the mission report of Yeshle Eden regarding corruption in 1863-64 . At that time Mr Eden show that the government officials or “Jing gap” ( the person ) sent by palace in the villages to collect the taxes either in Kind ,cash or men power used to do unimaginable cruelty such as they did not hesitated to loot the old tore blankets, animals and food grains , straws of paddy ( dry grass for animal ) who could not payed the taxes to the state or government . The same style was adopted in 19 century when , King Jigme Singe Wangchuk’s officers snatched the properties of Bakhuma Dukpa , Azi Yanki and other 100 of their relatives . Those properties distributed to king’s Yes men: Gup Sonam Dukpa (king’s personal attendance) , Dasho Angay , ( Dzongdah of Sarbhang and Gaylegphung ) , Leftinent Kado ( king’s Body Guard ) and Gup Wangchen ( king’s trusted attendance who was more dear than even queens to fourth king ) .

Immediately after Capturing of above properties; government again snatched the “Chamdo” ( grazing land ) of people ( but not of royal relatives ) from across the nation which was a means of livelihood for poor specially in west, east , center and north as they were utilizing them since inception of Bhutan. In contradiction to this, the relatives of king were exempted from the capturing as Lami gemba Khinche Rimpoche ( king’s cousin ) and Dasho karma Gele ( Rimpoche’s sister in-law ) and many other got option to sales 1000s of acres pasture land in Chungshing , Gong and other places . The sale and purchase was legalized by kangaroo court of Semgang and made them sellable anyone . Following this example , people started demanding same opportunity as royal relative has got , through their assembly member without mentioning the name of above persons but the voice of poor was blown in the air and practice of selling remain continue for only high elite . As a result, this issue remains the subject of getting enter in the sessons of assembly and became like a fire gutted in the husk without getting off for decades.

Worse than Chamdo , the properties within the periphery of urbanization became like a cancer due to lack of agreeable options to all land owner as result people in Thimpu, Ha , Paro , Punakha and Wangdi Fodrand lined for appeal their problem to the king directly . Next to land of town planning , case of Shoksing, Pangsing, Cheri (surrounding of villages for collecting tree leaves for composed fertilizers, sifting agriculture and case of west land) also added fuel to boil the villages because government did not felt its duty to address the old system before to implement new system for land management. In same fashion, authorities of settling disputes in various fields bypassed the people grievances and deed whatever they like, especially in land record office in Thimbu. Moreover, the land falls within the vicinity of new highways was legally not owned by government and ordered to restrict to build the house in both neck of roads 50 feet towards up side and 150 feet down ward of highways across the country remain perennial discontentment to victim who did not get replacement or compensation of described land . Along with this, people in west- north (where royal family member are neighbor) began felt suppression, from relatives of King Jigme Singe Wangchuk’s wives’ side, as they were using the method of “by hoc or cook” to own the sources of water, good apple orchards by using the influence of palace through government mechanism.

Other Outlook of Royal corruption: Until the hydel power and road construction were not built or were under Government of India’s control, the royal palace of Bhutan was satisfied with distributing licenses to some Indian who used to come to Bhutan from border town from India at the weekend to sale goods loaded in “Goru Gara” ( oxen carts ) . They were levied day’s taxes according to their sizes of stall. Tax was collected through “Thikadar” (contractor ) by the sub divisional offices (present days Dungkhag) from west to east of the southern front. After a while, government started to issue licenses for timber merchandise comprises by show mill and furniture hoses. Timber business were mostly run by royal relatives as owner of Druck show mills (third king’s sister) and Pelri Match (relative of Namgyal wangchuk ) , Gyalsten furniture house ( highly connected business person) with a unprecedented subsidy . Followed by this, some cottage and agro base industry came to surface as oil mill, candle and soap factory in Sarbhang , Gaylegphung and Phunsoling . Sometime later, petrol pump were seen owned by Tashi commercial corporation. To run them, foreign labor were recruited, otherwise non Bhutanese were not allowed to keep for domestic works. After petrol pump , other influential Bhutanese houses also started to appoint foreign labor as done by Jai shree store, lakhi store , foreign good store in Phunsoling and Thimpu . Then , hardware and departmental store came in priority because construction engineering in private and public sectors were vastly accelerated specially with the opening up first cement factory in Gomtu, Samchi and first large hydropower plant at Chima kothi , ( in River Chhuka ) . These two plants, skyrocketed the related business all over Bhutan and open a new ways to earning through taking commission keeping frontal man by owners of licenses. . As a result, Young king’s newly evolving royal family also rushed in appointing frontal man and started to expanding their dealing In Phunsoling and other places with hidden competition specially with business emperors of Bhutan -------------- Tashi commercial (now Tashi group) corporation .

Co incidentally, business Emperors, Ugen Dorjee from (Dorjee family) , and yap Ugen ( aiming to be new business emperor and new royal family ) were familiar with kalingpong and Bhutan house which provided versatile linkages to both of them with modern educated Bhutanese officers who were assisting to administer the country by heading the different departments .By virtue of that, evolving royal family also got abundant chance of becoming family friends with Rajiv Gandhi which happen an opportunity to establish new business relation with big business houses in India. ---------------- helped to acquire direct business quotas in discounted rates.

In the other hand, since 1900 century, Dorjee family’s reputation AS Kaziugen Dorjee , RAJA S . D Dorjee and prime minister Jigme Paldel Dorjee OF Bhutan have been eternal with Bhutan house in kalingpong ( jigne Singe;s maternal house ) . From whim , Dasho Reempoche ( UgenDorje or second maternal uncle of fourth king ) was inherited and became Bhutan business tycoon or Business emperor . He had been able to recruit traditional businessmen Marwaris to run his huge empire by grabbing almost profit oriented business from petrol pump to hydro power project supplies. Rimpoche’s team led by G. S Bhura was success to ascend commercial summit and was spear heading ground business now been able to enter into sky for flying nationally and internationally . Obviously, this group’s successes led competition with arising new Royal family in 1980s . In such juncture, heir of Yap ugen (arising royal family) , Mr Sange Nidup entered in administering from trade and commerce director reached up to the post of Prime minister many time . And , Yap’s one another son in-law became the speaker of house added a bonanza to new family to capitalize all huge profitable business . in said back ground , it was not possible to disobey any order by any one therefore all institutions like finance, trade, justice and policy implementing started to show their loyalty by favoring to new Royal families’ demand. This favors became the incurable disease in ongoing corruption but in the eye of all so call watch dogs, or even the eye of transparency international some person only had been found corrupted .

Taking advantage of above said situation, all the relatives of yab rushd to harvest the ripen business from every corners by getting favored of total authority for opening of screw to related trade industry and other lucrative centers . Some of them started to opening transportation agencies targeting supply items in newly under taken projects Chuka Hydal and Gomtu cement factory which needed supply of raw/fine materials worth of Gnu tense of million in a day. For example, Chuka Hydel project needs ten thousand cubic feet sand, concrete, aggregates and bolder block to construct the dame and tunnel as well as houses, bridges and roads. interestingly, for these construction, sand was recommended only from Phunsoling River beds and was taken contract by yap family in low rates . As result, they were in front position to sale them in high rate to government or private projects as well as to foreign country such as bolder cheeps were exported to Bangla Desh via “Budimari .

Similar to Chhuka, other factories such as Gomptu cement plant needed millions tones of dolomite and gypsum from different mining spreads across Bhutan including far away Pema Gastel (around 600 KM away) in the east. It demanded dozens of trucks’ caravan to carry materials from mine to Gomtu even in the situation of Boro ulfa agitation in which Indian route got escorted by Indian securities for transporting loaded trucks caravan owned by Childs of yaps . Goods transporting business expanded and they entered in the mine exploring but abruptly excavation of mining destroyed surrounding areas and made them waste lands like in Pagli in Samchi .

“Aafai Sudeni afai bokshi”( performing both role of mid wife and which ) in this back ground , government of Bhutan now is harassing some selected business houses and individual in corruption charges --------------- which is not fair . If government of Bhutan is impartial and is honest to control the corruption, then it should be able to pool all person (from king to street walking bigger) below the constitution by making them full accountable with document. Thereafter, most appoint an impartial audit team free from any scare and greed and threat to prove the guilty accountable. While doing so, all accounts related to royal palaces, royal bodyguard’s administration, army administration and defense departments must have brought in the sphere of audit. Along with bringing palace controlled department, amount book in the king’s visits in the district and in the events of celebrating 17 Decembers (since 1978) be inspected and be made transparent . In case of any foul practice found , the culprit (biggest or smallest) must bring in the scope of punishment as brought foreign minister Rinchhin Dorjee and Chang Ugen . Followed to this, cash distribution during king meeting and amounts have been withdrawn under special order need to be audited with comparison between real distribution and withdrawn amount from exchequer. Thereafter , the paper currency printing and coin minting expenditure also be examined since 1974 respectively . Further, expenditure booked from Royal secretaries and Gyalpoi jinpon’s office in the name of different welfare ( Kidu ) scheme must brought in the circle of the audit . And, the construction and renovation works of different royal palaces, residence of princes and queens, different Chortens , Geompa ( in and outside the country ) Geumba cities made by royal family need to be audited .

Then , different Royal parks and centuries across the country where activities done in royal command need to be inspect. Similarly, different commission such as culture commission, gross national happiness and different foundations and study centers, festival arrange in foreign capitals and friendship organizations with foreign national and meeting with communities and involved amount be brought in audit purview. last not the least, the privy purse allotted to each Royal family such as queens, crown prince, his highness and her highness must have tallied with their allotted budget and amount spend by them and kept in the bank and elsewhere in the form of cash, ornaments, mettle, land, orchard, apartments.

After this, nonprofit able organization run in different name and their administering complexes be checked carefully including foreign bank accounts of all audited person, and amounts spend in negotiation (officially unofficially) for construction hydropower or making DPR (detail project report) of difference plants and study of feasibility reports must come in the in auditing field. With above, different facilities provided for services of Royal relatives must audited. And, properties own by royal family be separated in categories of public and privet by avoiding illegal occupation. Also the business by royal relatives be made apparent along with open business / underground business with under world. Then, it must be ensured that the properties allotted from state for royal family’s use must nationalized. Without doing such arrangement, if any audit is carried out in the name of corruption control is useless. Otherwise, these watch dog institutions would be only a tool of harassing the person who are in competition as happening with new Royal family versus Tashi group , Royal insurance corporation and BNB or lal Chanda jatan Prasad, Chang Ugen ( who is in jail in land corruption ) and interrogation of lal Chanda jajan Prasad, Sonam Chhoden ,Rabten , Ugen stiring , Raj Chaudhuri , Dorjee Wangmo , Raj kumar Agrawal and Naresh Basal who were one time government or its agents’ close friend who now being turned eyesore of former friends as being “ Use and throw” .